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Lopping Castles
Date July 30, 2011 - August 6, 2011
Team Lead Mantis
Team Alden, Isabel, Lori, Terry, Tom
Location(s) Transylvania, Romania
Link Communication
GM Roz

When al-Sahra agent Daniel Kerrington is found murdered in historic Bran Castle in Romania, X-Factor is sent to investigate. The murderer was discovered to be one Iosif Grigorescu, brother to Valentin Grigorescu, who Kerrington had killed in the line of duty. Iosif is a mutant who involuntarily wipes the short-term memory of anyone around him. Iosif escaped, but not before mentioning Kerrington was expecting back up.


  • July 29: Daniel Kerrington is found shot to death in Bran Castle early afternoon. Though there are several tourists and employees in the castle, there are no witnesses.
  • July 30: Agents chat with tourist and employee witnesses.
  • July 31: Terry, Tom, and Isabel find themselves with some lost time after checking out King Ferdinand's room despite their inhibitors. Tom confirms via telepathic scan that no memories exist - in fact they were never formed - but finds no telepathic fingerprints. People freak out.
  • August 2: Iosif is cornered and tranqed.
  • August 3: Questioning Iosif reveals he has no control over his memory-wiping mutation, that he lured Kerrington to the castle to kill him for killing Valentin, and that Kerrington mentioned back up.
  • August 5: Iosif "escapes." (for the off-the-record, he is given the contact information for Xavier's School, and Mantis's email.)

Important Evidence[]

  • Several years ago, Kerrington was responsible for the death of Valentin Grigorescu, who was originally from the area.
  • Kerrington expected back up; surveillance has been left in the castle in case anyone shows up.



  • Daniel Kerrington
  • Iosif Grigorescu, vengeful brother to Valentin Grigorescu, and a memory-wiping mutant.



  • Bran Castle, Romania, Transylvania