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Lost Waters Ranch
Country United States
Language(s) English
Timezone Mountain Standard

Lost Waters Ranch is a tourist ranch in southwest Colorado about an hour outside of Durango. It relies entirely on tourist income to subsist, and was the location of the events of Hotel Colorado. Its fate is undetermined in the wake of the events of Carpenwhere.

Major Events[]

  • Late 2008 - Jeffrey Hatfield comes on board as a new staff member. He quickly begins a marketing campaign which brings increased traffic and revenue to the ranch.
  • Spring 2009 - A number of mutants marked for potential X-Factor recruitment decide, rather abruptly, to head to the ranch for vacation.
  • May 2009 - After tracking Jaimie Brin to the ranch, X-Factor agents find themselves unwilling to leave, and the events of Hotel Colorado take place.
  • September 2011 - A Madrox duplicate visits Lost Waters Ranch during an investigation of Jacob Hendrickson and acquires a guest list (nothing of interest). Dinah is in charge, Theo has taken Sid's place. New barn, new housekeeper. X-Factor subsequently tracks Los Hojas to the ranch during Carpenwhere, find everyone from the Ranch dead in the stables and capture the hojas.

Major Locations[]


The Lost Waters waterfall

  • The ranch proper is made up of the stables, the dining hall, the big house where the staff live, and the dorms, a large building with a huge central living space and smaller two-bunk-beded rooms for guests to sleep in.
  • The ranch is tucked into the mountains, and explorers can find a cave system which leads to a hidden underground lake and a gorgeous waterfall from which the ranch takes its name.
  • The cave system connects to an abandoned mine.

Major People[]

Plots & Missions[]