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Lu Bohai
Gender Male
Age 48
Birth October 11, 1962
Mutation None.
Height 5'9"
Hair Dark
Eyes Dark
Skin Asian
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra

Lu Bohai was one of the primary contacts between al-Sahra and Burro Shipping. He is the principal logistical brain behind Remaal al-Sahra's workings in Kenya as project leader of Project Green.



He is not a smiler. He is efficient, unyielding, and cold; inclined to grump and paranoia. Not a morning person (brews and drinks Turkish coffee). He is also inclined to intense focus and tends to be obsessive about military history.


  • Logistics.
  • Chinese naval officer's training.


  • Former officer in the Chinese military in the 1990s.
  • Rose to the rank of Zhong Xiao (Lieutenant Colonel) in the People's Liberation Navy.
  • Medically discharged in 1999, last seen in China in 2002 when he left to seek medical treatment in Germany for tuberculosis. He has since dropped off-radar.
  • Has an estranged wife and son back in China.

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