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Ly Nguyen
Codename: Mantis
Joined February 2011
Gender female
Age 25
Birth November 17
Mutation Empathy, fuzzy precog
Height 5'4"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Tan
Associations X-Factor
Communication To/From Regarding

Ly Nguyen is a former actress/singer with extensive martial arts experience and powerful short-range empathy. Her predictive abilities are considerably less powerful and considerably less predictable. She joined X-Factor in February of 2011 and specializes in close combat and minor weirdness.


B.A. (Philosophy)



Notable Public Information[]


Empath: Mantis cannot read or directly influence thought, memory, unspoken intent, etc. Emotion is all she can detect and all she can impose. Her outside range for influence or detection is fifty meters and there are tiers of intensity and precision within this. Within ten meters, she's a major powerhouse, but can only affect up to three people with any subtlety and risks losing control in crowds. Within thirty meters, she can actively listen for extreme shifts of emotion and make, well, firm empathic suggestions. Within fifty meters, she can sense someone is there and make light empathic suggestions.

Predictive powers: From about 24 hours to 30 seconds in advance, Mantis can receive predictive flashes of the future, or possible futures. These are completely unpredictable and may be incorrect. They are also usually fairly vague. These can only be related to human intentionality, too. She can’t predict asteroids or electric shorts, but she can predict arson, what’s for dinner, etc.


  • Philosophy
  • Close combat (both with and without knives)
  • Fashion
  • Music and lyric composition
  • Writing papers

Personality Profile[]

Ly is unflappable and unflappably odd, the type of person who delights in her own eccentricity to the degree that it is the way she interacts with everyone. Not, mind, that she has probably had a wide base of interaction to pull from. She is friendly, but not warm, and seems to prefer to present herself as humorously alien (humorous, we say) with a thick layer of mystery.


In Progress[]

  • Basic Firearms
  • Basic Field Medicine
  • Basic Stealth




  • Had visions of a massacre at a Ren Faire prior to the At the Faire mission.

Mission History[]