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Mechanics is responsible for maintaining all equipment on base and used in the field. It maintains all cars, planes, and helicopters in use by the organization, as well as providing basic maintenance for the base proper.

The rules for agent use of company cars are as follows (as written by former Area Head Jane):

  • BUS YOUR MESS. The mechanics are not a janitorial service! Please remove receipts, soda cans, used gum, condoms etc. from the vehicle before you return it to the garage. Remember, some of us bite!
  • DRIVE SAFE. Follow the rules of the road and wear your seatbelt! I'm sure it's expensive enough to maintain a fleet of cars and a fleet of agents without horrible mishaps occurring involving both.
  • SIGN IN & OUT. Make sure to note which car you're taking! It's a big clipboard, there's plenty of room!
  • LOG YOUR MILEAGE ON SIGN-IN. It just makes me feel better to keep track as they rack up, okay?
  • NO FRENCH FRIES. French fries are the worst food ever to eat in a car. The smell gets everywhere. But if you have to go on a long, long road trip, and you absolutely have to eat fries in one of the cars -- PLEASE SEE RULE ONE. And if you must break rule 5, I implore you, watch the dipping sauces!



  • Garage Duty
Must be certified in: Auto Repair or
Must be certified in: Heavy Equipment Repair or
Must be certified in: Licensed Professional (Mechanical)
  • Maintenance
Must be certified in: Basic Maintenance