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Medical is responsible for the health and well-being of agents both on a day-to-day basis and while they are in the field, as well as educating agents in different levels of medical practice. The X-Factor Clinic is a small but high-end facility, capable of a wide range of care, from basic physicals and writing prescriptions to life-saving trauma surgery and some limited medical research. As of August 23, 2010, Basic Field Medicine has been added to the list of Basic Agent Certifications.

Agents are expected to undergo a full physical annually in order to ensure their continuing health. Any physical therapy an agent requires will be prescribed by medical, and then handed over to Fitness to oversee. Prophylactics are readily available at the front desk of the Clinic with no questions asked.



  • Clinic Duty
Must be certified in: Licensed Professional (Medical)

Useful Links[]

  • The Ship Captain's Medical Guide - The guide contains a wide range of authoritative advice – from birth to death, from first aid, general nursing, hygiene and the prevention of disease, to the treatment of injuries and diseases. The recommended measures for prevention and treatment can be safely carried out by an intelligent layman.
  • Cascade Hospital - The archive.org archive of a fantastic site put together to help fanfic authors know everything from what happens when you enter the ER to the complications from gunshot wounds. A little slow, but worth it.
  • FanFic Med - A Yahoo group where people ask medical questions and get them answered! You'll have to join up to see messages, but once you do you can do searches and see if anything relevant pops up.