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Country United States
Language(s) English
Population 362,470
Timezone EST (PST +3)
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Miami is a major city on the Florida coast known primarily for its sun and its nightlife. An international center for popular entertainment in television, music, fashion, film, and the performing arts, Miami also has a powerful international influence. The city is also home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States, as well as home to many international company headquarters, and television studios. The city's Port of Miami is the number one cruise/passenger port in the world and is known for accommodating the largest volume of cruise ships in the world, and is home to many major cruise line headquarters.

Major Events

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Plots & Missions

  • The Most Dangerous Game - X-Factor investigates the disappearance of Miami native Daniel Carroll, which leads them to bigger game.
  • To Perish Twice - Remy and Belladonna track James Faelli down to a Miami airport, and frame him for drug trafficking.
  • Caribbean Queen - X-Factor gets handed over an investigation into the disappearance of a passenger of a cruise ship when similarties with another disappearance becomes noticable. Miami is the home port of the ship in question.