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Michael Debauer
Codename: Shift
Joined October 13th, 2009
Departed January 29th, 2010
Gender Male
Age 55
Birth February 10th
Death Not yet, amazingly.
Mutation Shapeshifter.
Height 5'9"ish
Hair Alterable
Eyes Variable
Skin Changeable
Markings Mutable
Associations Remaal al-Sahra
Communication To/From Regarding

Michael Debauer is the true name of the Remaal al-Sahra agent who went undercover as Nathaniel Drake in order to infiltrate X-Factor. He has also been known as Andrew Belanger, Stephen McNulte, James Campbell, and Giacomo De Luca -- among many, many others.

He is currently in federal custody. After interviewing him in custody in Utah, Tom and Belladonna had him transferred to a mutant-capable facility in New York so that he would no longer be limited to solitary confinement.


High School


Michael is a talented shapeshifter capable of shifting several inches either way in height, given enough time. He can pass even the closest of inspections, down to fingerprint and retina, so long as he has the patterns to study. He Is A Trouble. Good thing he's locked up.


He's adaptive and mercurial, with tremendous focus. He's trained in deep undercover and investigative roles.

Personality Profile[]

His personality ... varies, depending on the role that he plays. Beneath it all, he seems to have an old-fashioned sensibility and a ruthless ends-justify-the-means morality. He has very little tolerance for corruption and a problem with seeing innocents suffer.


Basic fitness, self defense, basic firearms, basic driving, adv. stealth, surveillance, disguise, infiltration, b&e, data analysis, investigation, interrogation, basic wilderness, basic field med, basic maintenance.


Revealed to be a Remaal al-Sahra mole and transferred to Federal custody.


Mission History[]




Following the identification of Drake as al-Sahra agent Debauer, he was taken into X-Factor custody and telepathically interrogated by Jake Janssen. In the course of this, she uncovered his true identity and purpose, as well as a series of aliases, which X-Factor systematically investigated:

Alessia and Walter investigate one of Michael Debauer's past aliases in the the Hague. Files retrieved on the investigation revealed evidence of Remaal al-Sahra attempting to narrow the illegal substance market.
Isabel, Kelsey, and Madrox investigate a top US law firm in an attempt to determine why Michael Debauer had spent time working there.
Andrew, Madrox, Nadia investigate another of Debauer's identities at the Royal Bank of Canada.
Terry and Amber investigate Giacomo De Luca, involved in labor racketeering in Detroit -- yet another of Debauer's identities.

After some preliminary background checks, Isabel and Alden traveled to Chicago to check out Michael's past, with no helpful results.