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Natalie Jo Simon
Codename: Alethia
Joined February 2009
Departed September 2009
Gender Female
Age format=y}}
Birth August 27, 1982
Mutation Post-cognitive projection
Height 5'7"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Caucasian, tanned
Markings Butterfly tattoo on right lower back, glasses/contacts
Communication To/From Regarding

Dr. Natalie Simon is a professional mathematician who joined X-Factor in February 2009. She retired from the team in September 2009.


  • B.S. Mathematics (University of Chicago, 2004)
  • B.S. Physics (University of Chicago, 2004)
  • Ph.D. Mathematics (Columbia University, 2008)


Natalie's mutation is known as 'post-cognitive projection'. Simply put, she can project images of the past, provided she has a link to them - a person, a place, or a thing. Her 'ghosts' come with both audio and visual, although both get fuzzier the further back in time she reaches.

Her control is variable and she focuses much better with a familiar telepath (typically Dr. al-Razi) in her head. Her mutation tends to be subject to the whims of strong emotion.

There's no evidence of physical wear when it comes to projecting these images, but there is significant strain involved in the repeated attempt to 'skip' or 'sort through' time. It's much easier to simply start an image and let it play.

Natalie has yet to exhibit any ability to control the images she projects, save for some small ability to choose what section of time she's watching. There is no fast-forwarding, rewinding, etc.


Natalie is a skilled and professional mathematician, trained at the PhD level, and is a fair hand at programming. She focuses on the practical applications of pattern theory, and has been hard at work developing programs designed to detect minute changes from an 'average' composite brain scan for years. She also speaks mediocre Italian. She has some judo training.

Personality Profile[]

Intelligent, but occasionally prickly with an apparent uneasiness when it comes to really exploring the use of her mutation. Has issues with betrayal and trust. Arrogant. Why is everyone arrogant?


  • Basic Fitness
  • Basic Firearms
  • Self-Defense
  • Basic Driving
  • Basic Wilderness Survival
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Analysis

Mission History[]


Natalie is now employed as a mathematician at Tompkins Square Park Research Center, where they study quantum physics, particularly as related to alternate universes.