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Dr. Nathaniel Essex
Gender Assumed Male
Age unknown
Birth unknown
Affiliation Stagram and Wolf, Remaal al-Sahra
Rank Rank*

Nathaniel Essex is also known as Sinister. Very little concrete is known about him, save that he's a doctor, and he does somewhat unethical research. He appears to have a keen interest in mutation and mutants. He also appears to be working with Remaal al-Sahra in matters of research.



Evil in methods, though he would claim his motivation is pure science, the quest for knowledge and the advancement of the human race. His goal is the creation of the perfect DNA sequence, and considers Nate Grey-Summers to be his best work to date.

Known Associations[]

Currently a senior partner at Stagram & Wolf. He's the 'Stagram.' Known to have some directive oversight over the scientists captured in Danish Run, associated in some way with Remaal al-Sahra

Known Skills[]

Stealing ovaries and making babies.

Known History[]

  • Kidnapped Jean, made a baby Nate using a test tube, Scott Summers, and Sabella Miller.

Mentions & Sightings[]

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