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Welcome to X-Factor[]

You are one of a very few asked to serve the United States Government in a very particular way. You were chosen for your skills, both mutational and otherwise, and we expect you to use both to the absolute best of your abilities.

X-Factor is a unique organization in many ways. We are the only unit of the United States Government which actively and selectively recruits mutants. We are a small group of multi-talented individuals, and we expect every member of the group to be able to function in a wide variety of situations. We have very little hierarchy and very few rules, and we place a great deal of emphasis on trust and teamwork.

Perhaps most importantly, we are utterly secret and highly autonomous, two facts which are closely linked.

Your first week here will certainly be a busy one. There is much to become accustomed to, and a great deal of testing to be done. In your free time, make yourself familiar with the information in the following files. It will help acclimate you to your new job and your new team, and it will make certain that you're on solid footing within the organization and our current goals.

Congratulations, and good luck.

- Carpenter


Get to know how X-Factor works, and who you have to listen to when.
There are only four. Know what they are, and what happens if you break them.
Learn it. Live by it.
Keep an eye out for an email assigning you to yours after your first week of testing.
Focus on obtaining any of these five certs you don't already have ASAP.
Be sure you know how to use yours and what it can do.
Get to know your fellow agents. Your dossier will be available here, too.

Missions & Cases[]

All currently open cases are organized here for easy access.
Glance at the most recent missions to get a feel for how we work.
We first encountered this organization in January 2009, and they are a clear and global threat. Read up.

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