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New York Police Department
First Encountered 1845
Top Dog Police Commissioner
Size 40,000 officers
Affiliation New York City Government
Status Active
Location(s) New York City
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The New York City Police Department (NYPD), established in 1845, is currently the largest police force in the United States, with primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City. The NYPD was the first police department established in the United States. It has its headquarters in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Because of New York's status as the mutant capital of the world, the NYPD is probably the most experienced police force when it comes to crimes, violent acts, and other issues relating to mutants.

Goals & Interests[]

To protect and serve the population of New York City.


See Organization of the New York City Police Department.

Mutant Affairs[]

Established on July 1, 2002, Mutant Affairs was the first department in the nation devoted exclusively to dealing with mutant-based crimes and activities. Officers receive special training in how to deal with a variety of mutant powers and are coached on what to expect, as far as possible.

The Mutant Affairs office also has a number of unusual resources, including specially designed holding cells, specifically targeted weaponry, and most recently, Sentinel suits.




In addition to the typical resources expected of the country's largest police department, the NYPD also has access to a number of mutant-specific technologies. These include specially designed holding cells, Telepathic inhibitors, QuikID units, and Sentinel Armor.


  • Sean Cassidy is pressured to leave the NYPD after his mutant status became clear.
  • January 14, 2006 - The NYPD takes Magneto into custody. He escapes from a federal prison 14 days later.
  • August 2, 2007 - The NYPD cordons off Tompkins Square Park without explanation. Throughout the next two months, they work with the National Guard to help control access to the rift located there.
  • February 7, 2008 - A detective in the NYPD's Mutant Affairs division, Vincent Lazzaro, is rescued from a scientist who had been experimenting on mutants. After testing negative for the X-Factor gene in the wake of Sensitive Positions legislation passed in 2006, Lazzaro's involvement is particularly mysterious.
  • May 17, 2008 - The NYPD SWAT team test-drives the prototype of the Sentinel Armor in response to a mutant-related tornado in Times Square.
  • June 21, 2008 - The NYPD captures Magneto once again, this time with the help of Sentinel Armor.