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Nicaragua 2.0
Date December 5, 2009
Team Lead Pete
Team Kelsey, Marianne, Nadia, Remy
Location(s) Puente Sobre, Nicaragua
Link Communication
GM Tybalt

Assigned by Illyana as part of the overall investigation tracking down Carmen, Pete leads a team to Nicaragua where the Sandinista base contained a portal to another reality, looking for any clues.


  • Pete and Remy check the Sandinista base and dam: desert, swept entirely clean with particular attention paid to the portal room. It has been abandoned at least six months.
  • Nadia, Kelsey, and Marianne investigate in town and discover that someone came through in the days before X-Factor arrived and assassinated the former members of the Sandinistas. Townspeople were telepathically influenced to believe that it was a government hit.


  • Carmen: Nadia finds evidence of Carmen's tampering in the minds of the townspeople.


Important Evidence[]

  • First evidence of Burro Shipping contracts and logos.
  • Evidence of Carmen's mental tampering in the minds of the townspeople.