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Night at the Roxbury
Date October, 23-24, 2009
Team Lead
Team Amber, Andrew, Jane, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Lance, Piotr, Remy, Terry, Wolfe
Location(s) Roxbury, Maine
Casualties Wolfe
Link Communication
GM Will

The Silent Town, Roxbury, was radio silent for twelve hours before Carpenter called X-Factor in to investigate. After arrival, though, the agents found more than they bargained for.


Prior to October 23, 2009[]

  • Jack, a little-known terrorist prior to the events in Boston, somehow infiltrated a building called Installation 7289 and captured the Covax Virus, a biological weapon developed by Roger Covax.
  • Jack, or someone, traveled to Roxbury, Maine to track down a mutant named Victor Creed. Outside Roxbury, Creed was injected with the Covax Virus.
  • A short amount of time later, under the cover of dark, Creed descended upon Roxbury and infected several individuals, all males of great stature. The men were taken to the town church where, several hours later, they attacked and ate many of the citizens of Roxbury. Afterward, the men and Creed departed, leaving several citizens infected while others fled unharmed.

October 23, 2009[]

  • Creed and the men from Roxbury moved south through Maine, attacking more men of large physical stature as they went, until they arrived at <Forgot City>. They found a ferry and took it to a small island in the bay of Boston by the morning of the 24th.

October 24, 2009[]

In Boston

  • After arriving on Harbor Island, near a hospital, Creed and the men he abducted attacked the hospital and infected as many people as they could. Unknown to city police and officials, the virus spread throughout the day through the island and into Boston proper.
  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is called into Boston to diagnose and study the odd new virus. Unfortunately, little hard data is collected in the first hours of infection.
  • By the end of the day, a large portion of the southern Boston populace had been infected.


  • Carpenter instructed X-Factor to investigate Roxbury, which had been radio silent for the past twelve hours.
  • X-Factor discovered Roxbury had been decimated by an attack on the townspeople by their own relatives. The discovery culminates in an attach on the agents inside the town's church.
    • Wolfe was attacked and killed in the line of duty after entering the church.
    • Piotr and Lance collapsed the town church, killing the remainder of the infected in the town.
    • A stash of carcasses, most partially devoured, were found in the vacant buildings in Roxbury.
    • Several townspeople were also recovered and quarantined. Most revealed information about the attack, including their own family members were responsible.
  • X-Factor was unable to determine the root cause of the attacks. Several of the townspeople described a large figure they may have seen, who they did not recognize as a citizen of Roxbury.

Important Evidence[]

  • X-Factor discovered that people were ripped from their automobiles and tires were slashed due to Remy's Detailed Report
  • Further evidence of tactics used by the infected were detailed in Nate's Report

Important People[]