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No Man's Land
Date Oct. 23-27, 2009
Team Lead Amber
Team Brielle, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Marianne
Location(s) Darra, Pakistan
Link Communication
GM Rosalind

After receiving information that Malik Hakem intended to auction off Russian missile codes, a team was dispatched to attempt to stop the auction and retrieve the codes.


  • On first arriving in Darra, Amber's team went to the market and walked and talked.
    • No one really likes the 'Englishman': Malik Hakim's guest
    • Englishman is tall, dark haired, with blue eyes.
    • Best place to get big guns is from Hamza Ghalib, who is never happy to see people.
  • On approaching Hamza's area of the market:
    • Hamza is unpleasant and loud and into blondes.
    • As Brielle makes with the flirty and gets the details on the timing of the auction, Amber goes to track a mutant signature and meets the Englishman: Jeremy Pratt.
    • Hamza's would-be seduction aborted by Jean-Paul sticking his nose in, Amber's would-be seduction foiled by Jean-Paul being way more Jeremy's type, they get the information on how to get into the auction out of Hamza.
  • Jeremy Pratt's name and photograph sent back to Old Home: linked with various cases of information theft, largely big-time CEOs, insider trading, etc. Tends to avoid the violent stuff.
  • Jean-Paul and Amber check out the house using Hamza's codes before the party: Hamza's guard info and security codes were valid.
    • Although Jeremy wasn't there when they checked the place out, there was a different mutant, sleeping.
  • Party!
    • Splitting up fairly quickly, Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie go to find Jeremy Pratt.
    • Amber, Brielle, and Marianne go to track the other mutant signature at the auction.
    • Jeremy's room is guarded by two men, who Jeanne-Marie distracts and then subdues, leaving Jean-Paul free to unlock Jeremy's door and approach him.
    • In the auction room, the mutant signature was revealed to be a short, petite Latina with a Mediterranean man, also in the company of a military man who is speaking with Malik Hakim.
    • A short time into the party, John Doe 2 from the Pied Piper files enters in the company of a Middle Eastern man.
    • As Jean-Paul attempts to get the codes from Jeremy, Jeanne-Marie investigates a series of noises in the hallway outside the room: there she sees Charlie Barrows and James Harwin.
    • Jeanne-Marie fires a tranquilizer at Harwin, who teleports after being hit. Charlie speeds in the direction of the party, and although Jeanne-Marie attempts to intercept her, she isn't fast enough.
    • When Charlie zooms into the party, the Latina, Mediterranean man, and military man all look quite unsurprised and John Doe 2 releases a blast of fire at the Latina.
    • As Jeanne-Marie flying-tackles Charlie and the two engage in a speedster brawl, John Doe 2 collapses, clutching his head. Guards begin to try to shoot all three.
    • Marianne closes on John Doe 2, but the Latina, Mediterranean man, and military man move up and take him from her custody, promising to take care of him.
    • With the outbreak of gunfire, Jeremy is suddenly much more willing to leave with Jean-Paul. They fly out a window.
    • The Latina, Mediterranean, and Military all head upstairs with John Doe 2. The team heads back to their hotel, as they have the codes.




  • Jeremy Pratt - A technopath with read/write capabilities. He is unaware of the information that he takes. He can only copy it and transfer it elsewhere. Currently residing in London, where X-Factor is keeping a general eye on his movements.
  • Malik Hakem - 58 years old. Heavily involved in the drug trade as well as the arms trade. Ruthless, possessive of his power.
  • Hamza Ghalib Malik - 34 years old. Malik's only son. Had a falling out with his father at the time of X-Factor's contact with him.
  • Salim Habib - 37 years old. Malik's right-hand man. Married to his daughter Zahra.


  • Malik's mansion - Where Jeremy was held captive, site of missile code auction.
  • Bazaar - Where most of the team's nosing around was done.