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Nicaraguan AU Mountains

The Pied Piper AU is one of only two known alternate universes. The door or 'rift' to the AU was purposefully opened by Remaal al-Sahra as part of their Project Portal.

Time runs differently in this AU, although not according to any strict, predictable pattern, save that it passes significantly faster in the AU than in the 'real' world.

Major Events[]

  • al-Sahra opens a rift sometime in 2007 (we think) and takes their first abducted mutants over.
  • al-Sahra abducts a significant number of mutants and transports them there for training in late 2008/early 2009.
  • X-Factor discovers the rift and closes it in March 2009.

Major Locations[]


AU Jungle

  • Presumably the AU is the same size of our own, but all al-Sahra operations were based in Nicaragua, near Puente Sobre and Bluefields.
  • The rift generator was on a Sandinista compound in Puente Sobre.

Major Organizations[]

Major People[]

  • Carmen was one of the first soldiers trained there, and later took lead of their training program in the AU.
  • Current and former X-Factor agents Tom Sikorski, Nadia al-Razi, Walter West, and Tobias Ryder joined the organization after rescue from the Pied Piper AU. They have no memory of their time there.
  • Agent Illyana Rasputin was taken to the AU after being used as a plant. She has no memory of her time there.
  • The Pied Piper Soldiers escaped the AU after the rift was closed.

A number of abductees and al-Sahra operatives are theoretically still living inside the AU with no way to return now that the rift has been closed and the machine which created it destroyed.

Plots & Missions[]

A number of mutant adolescents are abducted, and in its inaugural mission, X-Factor tracks them and discovers the al-Sahra base in Puente Sobre, Nicaragua. Several of the abductees later join X-Factor.