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Project Allergen is the Remaal al-Sahra initiative dedicated to dealing with X-Factor. It's main goal is to co-opt XF for al-Sahra use. It is lead by Jessamyn West.


  • Replace Carpenter with someone who is either possible to control or already part of al-S. They have Carpenter IDed.
  • Get information about XF through aerial surveillance and by intelligence gathering near the base.
  • Gain a hold on certain key people in X-Factor that lead operations or control information flow: Jean-Paul, Madrox, and Terry. Jeanne-Marie remains on their radar although she is associated with a different project for the hold she has over Jean-Paul. Jeremy Wallace works for a detective agency that has good relationships with Remaal al-Sahra, and likewise remains on their radar for the potential hold he has on Madrox.


  • In Your Shoes — A joint project venture to get some intel on how Tamara Macke's mutation would work amplified. They were hoping that maybe they could work it to swap mutant powers into humans. X-Factor was chosen as a test target in hopes of disabling them or forcing them out.


  • Jessamyn West is the leader of this project. She would like to raze XF to the ground, with particular hatred for Pete Wisdom. Jessamyn's superior has so far kept her in check.
  • Hugh Ponting is one of the people under the person in charge.
  • Silvio Constantini is one of the people under the person in charge.
  • Felicia Macke is heavily involved in some fashion. Has done some recruitment duty for the project.



  • Tamara Macke shared that her mother is heavily involved with Project Allergen.
  • An number of references to 'Project Allergen' and 'FM' (presumably Felicia Macke) were recovered from cell phones after the hostage situation during In Your Shoes.
  • There are repeated references to 'FM' and 'Project Allergen' buried in the deleted messsage traces of the other phone card from Xanthi during In Your Shoes.
  • Some details about the project, like what it is, were pulled from Hugh Ponting's interrogation after Icy Arrivals (Mini).