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Project Green is the codename for a Remaal al-Sahra project of some unknown nature, led by Lu Bohai and operating in Kenya.


  • Anti-corruption unrest in Mombasa, Kenya increased over the summer of 2010. Student demonstrations flared, then simmered down into a series of on-going protests that gain little attention in western media.
  • February and March 2011 saw a resurgence of protests followed by a number of politically-motivated arrests. On April 6, a prison break occurred.


  • Lu Bohai is principally involved in running this project.


Mombasa, Kenya


  • One of the phones from Xanthi during In Your Shoes had a text message bearing the following: 'New package en route for Kenya and PG.'
  • Old Home has been monitoring al-S activity in the region
  • Jacolina went to Bangalore to investigate cyberwarfare potentially related to the Mombasa situation.