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Dr. Ragnar Jonassen
Gender Gender
Age Mid-50s
Birth April 12, 1949
Death February 10, 2007 (as per Stockholm death certificate)
Height 6'1"
Hair Greying blond (ponytail)
Eyes Grey
Skin Fair
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra

Dr. Ragnar Jonassen is an able scientist scientist whose specializations are microbiology and genetics, known for his prior work at the AIDS Foundation at the University of Stockholm. He has bad hair. He is now in custody.


Putz. Total putz. Middle-aged man with a ponytail putz.

Known Associations[]

Carmen's last words were "Tell Ragnar--"

Known Skills[]

Science! /Super/ Science!

Known History[]

  • Icelandik roots (Reykjavik).
  • Worked in microbiology and genetics at the AIDS Foundation at the University of Stockholm.
  • Travel records from 2005 and 2006 between Sweden and Iceland and between Sweden and Japan. Keep in mind Japanese memo.
  • Supposedly died in 2007, according to his death certificate. None of his coworkers attended his funeral. No one is quite sure how he died.
  • He was also somehow involved in work related to typhus as a biological weapons agent at the Remaal al-Sahra laboratory outside of Ksar-el-Kbir discovered after The Lion's Den.

Mentions & Sightings[]

  • The name "Jonassen" is mentioned in a Japanese memo regarding typhus research retrieved during the Ksar-el-Kbir (Mini).
  • Carmen's last words, as reported by the Pied Piper Soldiers, are "Tell Ragnar."
  • Former colleagues in Stockholm have positive things to say about his work during Ragnar Who, but believe him to be dead.
  • Sighted at the El Kendi lab in Makurazaki, Japan, during the Weird Science mission.
  • Tracked home and telepath-searched by Tom during Weird Science.
  • Found again in Copenhagen during surveillance based on employment data in El Kendi.
  • Captured in September during Danish Run.