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Ragnar Who?
Date March 15 - 24, 2010
Team Lead Jean-Paul
Team Terry, Tom
Location(s) Stockholm, Iceland
Link Communication
GM Rosalind

Having been put on the trail of various Doctors Jonassen following the events of Ksar-el-Kbir (Mini), Jean-Paul sends two teams investigating Dr. Ragnar Jonassen's background when the Pied Piper Soldiers deliver Carmen's final words: "Tell Ragnar."



Lead: Tom

Team: Terry

  • Tom and Terry investigated the AIDS Foundation at the University of Stockholm where Ragnar Jonassen worked.
  • Tom looked into the minds and memories of the scientists at the foundation, research assistants who were there, anybody who seemed to remember Ragnar, to see what they thoughtabout him, if any of them knew where he is now, or if everybody thinks he is dead.
  • They performed similar acts of investigation at the apartment complex where Ragnar had his physical address during his time working in Stockholm, investigating his neighbors and landlord.


Lead: Tom

  • Tom speaks with people connected to Ragnar -- specifically family, neighbors and et cetera.
  • Telepathic investigation of Ragnar's sister's memories yields somewhat promising results.
  • Although Suvenna believes him to be dead, last April (2009), she came home to find him rifling through his old office in his old house. He was surprised to see her home and left quickly. She dismissed the occurrence as a mourner's hallucination. Tom does not.

Important Evidence[]

  • No one attended Ragnar's funeral in Stockholm, and no one knows anyone who attended it, either.
  • It looks like Ragnar visited his old home in Iceland, and his old office, to go through his things in April of 2009.




  • Suvenna Jonassen