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A ship used in Burro Shipping's smuggling activities, most notably to ship abducted mutants around the world.

May no longer be in use after the ship was investigated in Shanghaid - current use unknown.

Burro is also known to use the Eagle's Crest.



Two decks below the uh, top deck thing. I think.

Cargo Deck[]

  • Arranged in individual 'rooms' made of metal and chain link: three rows, two on the outer hulls and a third straight down the middle.
  • Various forms of restraints recorded, from handcuffs chained on the walls to other sorts of restraint in other areas, such as what appears to be a shock collar, and a focus on placing them in the space terms of height, number, condition and distribution.
  • There is an area where it appears guards were stationed


  • Crew quarters
  • There is a private officer's office with files and a lot of papers on a table.

Control Tower[]

  • It exists. We know where it is. We have photographs of it. Sometimes there are maps full of pins.


Known Ports of Call[]

  • Vladivostok, Russia
    • Seeming base of operations: most heavily trafficked, Dmitri's residence in the suburbs.
    • Mutant drop-off point.
    • In the process of being cleared out with some haste when JP and Illyana arrived. (Burro Port Investigations)
    • The offices included crude storage facilities for humans and mutants.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    • Mutant pick-up point.
    • A short, lucrative human trafficking run goes from PV to LA several times a year.
    • Assigned to Dante and a small team: cleared out, sold off. (Puerto Vallarta)
  • Los Angeles
    • A short, lucrative human trafficking run goes from PV to LA several times a year.
    • Burro shipping present. Crates similar to the drugs used in Shanghai to subdue mutants. (Burro Port Investigations)
  • Cape Town, South Africa - UNCHECKED
    • Mutant pick-up point.
  • Shanghai, China
    • Mutant drop-off point
    • Mutant brothel operations shut down during Shanghaid. Not clear if the port is still active.

Mentions & Sightings[]