X-Men Movieverse Wiki

X-Factor has a wide range of both technological and personnel resources. Technologically, they have access to most anything within the realms of high-tech, real-world plausibility. In terms of personnel, Carpenter wields a great deal of influence, and cooperation can typically be obtained from other government agencies. This will often, although not always, include foreign agencies.


  • Pool of vehicles available for general use. Includes ATVs, motorcycles, armored SUVs, and several cars, vans, and trucks of varying types. These are available to any licensed team member on request.
    • Established cars: lime green VW Beetle.
  • Four airplanes: two high-tech stealth planes with vertical lift-off capabilities, one small commercial plane, and one two-seat recreational plane used primarily for training.
  • Three helicopters: two conventional, one military.
  • With planning and foresight, agents have access to a wide variety of military vehicles, planes, and helicopters.


  • Intercoms appear in every indoor room as well as at intervals in the wilderness around base.
  • Each agent has a personal communication device (expected to be worn at all times) disguised as watches. They are equipped with a GPS locator and a panic button and are highly secure.
  • Wide variety of covert microphones, cameras, and other communication devices for mission use.


  • No standard uniform, but several versions of specially-fitted body armor made to individual specifications to aid their particular skills and/or mutations where possible.


  • A plethora of top-notch computers, with ground-breaking, state of the art systems used to process intelligence and/or research.
  • Each team member is equipped with a secured and powerful laptop for their own private use.


  • Most every sort of firearms and explosives you can think of.
  • Tranquilizer darts for a wide variety of firearms (that can be prepared to carry both live and tranquilizer rounds) that last approximately eight hours.

Gadgetry and Other Tech[]

  • Most anything within the realms of high-tech, real-world plausibility. Including . . .
    • Signal-jammer (kill cell-phones, radios, etc, can leave a band open for X-Factor communication. Requires some technical expertise)
    • Bulletproof polo shirt
    • Synthetic fingerpads capable of providing a one-time false blood sample and false fingerprints