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Country unknown
Language(s) Russian (understandable to all)
Population Unknown
Timezone Whatever it feels like

Rus. Often referred to by Illyana as "her place", Rus is another realm with rules and whims of its own. The seasons change at random, animals talk, and magic is real. Justice is also poetic, bad ends coming to those who break their word or spurn old women by the side of the road.

Major Events[]

  • From age 17 to 19, Illyana was trapped in the realm, and was forced to kill the sorcerer Koschei to free herself. She only killed his present body, however, as his heart was stored elsewhere.
  • As Illyana grew more self-assured, primarily from her associations with the Hellfire Club and Jason Wyngarde, she returned to Rus and killed the tsar, the primary mundane power (as Koschei was magical) in the realm.
  • The late tsar's son, now tsar himself, swore revenge on her. On her arrival with the team during the Scenic Limbo mission, he had her kidnapped and sold to Koschei.
  • Baba Yaga constantly craves Illyana's powers for herself, and once tricked someone until givng her Illyana's heart, until Jason won it back as her champion. The witch also taunted the team, trying to gain either their loyalty or their powers.

Major People[]

  • Koschei - "The Deathless"
  • Baba Yaga
  • Clever - a talking fox
  • The Firebird - the manifestation of Illyana's unconscious: her passions, and positive dreams
  • The Raven - the manifestation of Illyana's darkness, manipulativeness, and cleverness

Plots & Missions[]