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Sabri Abdel Aziz
Gender Male
Age Fifties/Sixties?
Height ~6'
Hair Dark
Eyes Brown
Skin Dusky
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra, Project Portal

Aziz was the Head Engineer on the AU side of Project Portal. He managed to return through the portal to spur the events of Traveller. He was eventually captured and is currently in holding by American authorities. (Right?)


  • Um. Brusque?

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

  • Engineering.
  • Being sad.

Known History[]

  • Chief Engineer on the AU side of Project Portal.
  • Trapped in the AU after the events of Pied Piper.
  • Escaped through combined efforts of the AU crew, appeared in Puente Sobre where he posted an IMBD coded message.
  • Travelled to Algiers on old information, detained by X-Factor team in Makurazaki. Convinced that X-Factor agents were al-Sahra before they travelled to Bangalore.
  • Escaped X-Factor trail in Bangalore and disappeared with al-Sahra goons sent by Lu Bohai. Ran off to Tehran.
  • ...where he was captured by X-Factor. :D

Mentions & Sightings[]