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Scenic Limbo
Date September 13-22, 2009
Team Lead Illyana
Team Remy, Brielle, Will, Jane, Harrison, Nadia, Pete, Jean-Paul, Julian
Location(s) Tacoma, Washington. Rus.
Casualties Julian
Link Communication

When investigating pyrokinetic Alicia Valetine, the team becomes trapped in a burning building. Illyana rescues them by teleporting them into Rus, but runs out of energy and is captured by enemies within Rus before she can return everyone home. The team is forced to find and rescue her before they can return.


  • The team finds Alicia Valetine in an abadoned warehouse and questions her about her part in recent robberies during her fires. She denies involvement and sets the building on fire. She and Julian are killed in the subsequent collapse.
  • Illyana evacuates people two by two into Rus. She is captured by the tsar's men, leaving the team alone.
  • The team tracks the direction Illyana was taken and bargain with Baba Yaga to give her temporary use of their powers in exchange for information on Illyana's location.
  • After locating the heart of Koschei the Deathless, the team uses it to bargain with him for her release, and the removal of his sleeping spell over her.
  • Illyana returns everyone home.


  • Baba Yaga - A witch, one of the main villains of Rus.
  • Alicia Valetine - Pyrokinetic, killed in the building collapse. Falsely connected with a series of robberies.
  • Clever - A talking fox
  • Koschei - "The Deathless"



  • Four is probably the maximum number of people Illyana can safely take into and remove from Rus at one time.