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Scott Langley
Gender Male
Age 19
Birth 1990
Mutation Power Boosting
Height 6'5"
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Skin Medium Caucasian

Scott Langley is an Australian mutant with mutation boosting powers captured by Burro Shipping for a special order by al-Sahra. He was used in conjunction with Tamara Macke to swap the powers of the X-Factor agents at Old Home.


Kind of a slut. Does not abide by "bros before hos."

Known Associations[]

  • Parents Peter and Genevieve; younger brother Michael and younger sister Julia.

Known Skills[]

  • Picking up women. Particularly the ones he shouldn't sleep with.

Known History[]

  • Born in Wagga Wagga, Australia.
  • Witnessed (and likely helped cause) a pyrokinetic start a fire in a grocery store in 2004.
  • Witnessed (and likely helped cause) a chlorokinetic cause property damage with plant overgrowth in 2007.
  • Enrolled at RMIT as an Architecture student in fall 2009.
  • Hospitalized for hypothermia in December 2009. Claimed it was caused by a mutant (likely a cryo or hydrokinetic), but refused to report it.
  • Kidnapped by Z. Dandan of Burro Shipping in the early hours of March 14, 2010.
  • Held briefly at the El Kendi lab in Makurazaki, Japan to aid in research of Simon Mosse's mutation. He was transferred before X-Factor agents arrived to extract Mosse.
  • Used in conjunction with Tamara Macke to swap the powers of X-Factor agents at Old Home. Moved to a safehouse in Hai Phong, Vietnam.
  • Retrieved from the Hai Phong Safehouse by Pete's team during In Your Shoes and set up with security in San Francisco.

Mentions & Sightings[]

  • Disappearance investigated by agents during Following Langley.
  • Agents follow his trail to Trabzon, and then to Makurazaki.
  • Presence at the Makurazaki lab confirmed in Weird Science. Gone by the time agents arrived, but left behind blood and tissue samples for study.
  • Used his mutation to boost Tamara Macke's power in the helicopter attack during In Your Shoes to swap agent powers.


  • Currently in witness protection with his mother and two younger siblings.