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Date Dec. 12-20, 2009
Team Lead Jean-Paul
Team Madrox, Xen, Alessia, Belladonna, Piotr, Marianne, Remy, Parker
Location(s) Shanghai
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Investigation into human trafficking in San Francisco led agents to Shanghai, where they once again encounter evidence of the work of the Burro Shipping smuggling ring: a brothel in Shanghai specializing in mutants supplied exclusively by Burro Shipping. Posing as the X-Men, agents take down the brothel and rescue the mutants.


  • Investigation of the Ravager reveals lots of pharmaceuticals, a crew equipped with telepathic inhibitors, as well as photographs of a map covered in pins and a flash drive filled with plain and coded files including a log of ports and records of cargo.
  • Madrox acquires the name of a secret, expensive mutant brothel, which requires a (changing) password for entrance. Agents do recon and acquire the current password, then visit the brothel where they get a layout of the land and discover at least seven mutant girls working as prostitutes. The girls seem drugged and frightened.
  • The team moves on the brothel, rescuing twelve mutants, eleven girls and one boy, including the girl from San Francisco. They take five men into custody and turn them over to international authorities on human trafficking. The brothel is burnt down.

Important Evidence[]

  • They retrieve a hard drive, handwritten notes, DVDs, money, and files on the girls from the brothel.
  • The flash drive from the Ravager gives the brothel's contact as 'JQ.'
  • The flash drive also mentions a shapeshifter hunt that's signed by 'D'. The hard drive lists the same 'D' many times, but also a 'ZD', who's referenced as a supplier.


The brothel was managed by a man named Ji Quon and contained 12 abducted mutants. Of these, nine had been there for some time, and 3 were new acquisitions. The nine are: