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Tamara Grace Macke
Gender Female
Age format=y}}
Birth 10-13-1994
Mutation Mutation transference
Height 5'9"
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Skin Fair
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra

Tamara Macke is a young teenager who was used by Remaal al-Sahra in order to swap the powers of X-Factor agents in In Your Shoes.


Bright, passionate and devoted, Tamara is young and idealistic and romantic. And young.

She struggles with her powers, not in terms of control but in terms of love/hate re: what they have meant for her life. Weighted more towards hate at this point. For serious.

Known Associations[]

  • Felicia Macke - Tamara's mother is an al-Sahra operative.
  • Anthony Macke - Tamara's father is an al-Sahra operative.
  • Military Doe - Tamara has known him as 'Hugh Ponting,' a family friend who has been in intermittent contact, for at least the past five years or so. She has (or had) an intense crush on him.
  • Tamara has had contact with multiple al-Sahra individuals as her helpers and her guards, including Hugh, Silvio Constantini, Mike, Kelly, Cheung, a smattering of others.

Known Skills[]

Her mutation operates in some way to transfer mutant powers between two mutants. She requires skin-to-skin contact when operating alone and can only perform one transfer at a time. Her limit appears to be about five transfers per day.

Known History[]

Tamara grew up in North Carolina. After an incident in which she swapped the powers of two mutants in Apex, North Carolina, al-Sahra helped her and her family disappear off the map.

Tamara's mother approached her directly for her help in "fixing the world" around January 2010.

Assisted by an al-Sahra team and the abducted power booster Scott Langley, she swapped all of the mutant powers at Old Home. After being retrieved by an X-Factor team in Xanthi, Greece, she was told the truth about her family and Hugh, and subsequently agreed to return with them and to help put the agents' powers back.

Mentions & Sightings[]

Pete saw her in a vision talking to Military Doe.

A team of Jean-Paul, Andrew, Remy and Xen retrieved her from a safe-house in Xanthi, Greece during In Your Shoes.