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Trieu Thang
Gender Male
Birth October 15, 1997
Mutation Pyrokinetic
Height 5'5"
Hair Short and dark
Eyes Dark, Asian
Skin Dark olive
Affiliation Pied Piper Soldiers

Trieu Thang is a Vietnamese pyrokinetic and a member of the Pied Piper Soldiers. After escaping from the Pied Piper AU, he was again captured and held in captivity by Carmen until January 2010.

He risked his life to reveal the location of Carmen to Alden and Jean-Paul and was mindwiped as a result. He currently has the mental faculties of a 12-year-old. After rescue, he was left to the care of the Pied Piper Soldiers.


Currently, a very frightened, very confused man with a 12-year-old-mind and most his past missing.

Known Skills[]

Extensive combat training from the Pied Piper AU, although it may be moot after mindwiping.

Known History[]

  • Born and grew up in Vietnam
  • Kidnapped by al-Sahra presumably sometime in 2008 or early 2009.
  • Takes part in a mission to convince a local smuggling ring to go for bigger fish in Cat in the Box, and steals some awesome Mexican military weapons.
  • Hangs out in New York during Home to Roost, but does not appear to take part in any of the awesome shennagins
  • In Algiers, Thang burned the word 'ALGIERS' onto Alden's shirt, indicating that all was not as it seemed.
  • Carmen wiped Thang's memory in response, leaving him with the mental faculities of a 12-year-old.

Mentions & Sightings[]

  • Present during the auction in No Man's Land, attacking Carmen before being taken by her and her associates.
  • Presumed to be in Algiers when Alden and Jean-Paul went investigating due to the burns he left on a t-shirt.


The Pied Piper Soldiers were referred to Jean Grey as the one person who might be able to reverse the mindwipe, but there's no confirmation on whether they approached her or it worked.

Thang is short, lean but compactly built.