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Ulinzi Kivuva
Gender Male
Age format=y}}
Birth November 9, 1982
Mutation None
Height 5'10"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Brown
Markings Small scar on chin
Affiliation Remaal al-Sahra

Ulinzi Kivuva is a Kenyan freedom fighter who has spent most of his life fighting various attacks on civil liberties in various countries. He worked for Remaal al-Sahra for several years before forming a splinter cell and stealing their typhus materials.


Passionate, dedicated. A true believer in the rights of the common man. Willing to make sacrifices.

Known Associations[]

Known Skills[]

  • Various combat skills.
  • Protesting like a pro.

Known History[]

  • Al-Sahra picked him up somewhere in the early 2000s, but the specifics of his work for them is, surprise surprise, under wraps.

Mentions & Sightings[]