Date January 10th, 2010
Team Lead Illyana
Team Jean-Paul
Location(s) Vladivostok
Link Communication
GM Viola

Still searching for a further lead on Carmen, Illyana and Jean-Paul continue to follow the Burro Shipping smuggling ring to what seems to be its home base in Vladivostok, Russia.


  • Illyana and Jean-Paul break into the warehouses only to find that they are being emptied.
  • Jean-Paul follows a shipment to the main offices and breaks in. Illyana teleports to him and they find three young mutants being held captive in cages.
  • As Illyana teleports them out into Limbo, Dmitri and his guard, Nikolai, faceoff in a standoff with Jean-Paul.
  • Dmitri is left with the impression that Jean-Paul and Illyana are X-Men, and gets a good look at them both, as well as a clear knowledge of Illyana's powers.




  • Nikolai
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