X-Men Movieverse Wiki
First Encountered Since inception.
Top Dog Charles Xavier.
Size 5-10.
Affiliation Xavier's School.
Alignment Ally.
Status Active in name.
Location(s) Salem Center, New York.
Link Communication

The X-Men are an organization of mutants led by Charles Xavier designed to help mutants and humans live peacefully together. Initially a covert organization, they had contacts in the government for many years. In 2008, their existence was made public when they were called on to help divert Asteroid Loki from a collision course with the Earth.

Goals & Interests[]

Led by the vision of Charles Xavier, their goals revolve around the peaceful co-existence of humans and mutants as well as an understanding of each other.


Set up around co-team leads Scott Summers and Ororo Munroe, the X-Men function under their orders while they take orders from Charles Xavier. Often they are paired when it's called for to investigate.

They are based out of Xavier's School for the Gifted, where many double up as school teachers for the mutant safe haven/school.


Known team members are:


They have a plane, uniforms, communicators, training, and a base of operations.

Organization Events[]

  • Asteroid Loki (June-August 2008)
NASA announces that the Pegasus, a shuttle armed with a nuclear warhead, will be dispatched to divert the course of 24021-Loki, an M-class asteroid on collision course with earth. It fails. Over the next weeks and months, the world reels in newfound mortality, markets fluctuate, weather patterns change, and hedonism increases. The Pegasus II mission launches to complete the job that the Pegasus I mission failed. The X-Men are asked to assist with the mission, and are publicly outted as a result.


Jean Grey helped clear agents of telepathic compulsions.
A team was dispatched to look into the group of mutants who broke into Xavier's School.
A team of X-Factor agents are dispatched to Xavier's School following an abduction of their students in retaliation for Shanghaid.